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Allan Lane


Dear friends and relatives of Allan, aka Tulsa, Lane

For those of you who have not heard, Allan Lane died at his home in Anchorage, Alaska in September. After making some initial arrangements, I traveled to Alaska in early October, to begin the formal process of dealing with his estate, since he had not left a will or any specific instructions. Allan’s good friends Jack and Rose invited me to stay with them, and provided invaluable assistance while I was in Anchorage. They, with my grateful permission, began the clean out process at Allan’s house. He had lived in the house for over 30 years, and was a single man in poor health so in some ways it is not surprising that the interior of the house was a disaster, to say the least. Once I arrived Rose, who had done some initial sorting, continued to help me go though things in the house, decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate, or otherwise dispose of. I was able to sell some things, brought some things, including necessary financial papers, home with me, and left some things in storage there. I expect to go back to Alaska in the summer and finish dealing with the things still there. This was a huge job which I could not have done in these two weeks without the help of Rose and Jack and others. I feel very blessed, not only to have had the help with the house, but to get to know Rose and Jack and others, and to experience a little of Allan’s Alaska life.

I thoroughly enjoyed being with Rose and Jack while being in Alaska. Twice they took me to Big Lake to see the place that my brother loved so much and to obtain the information on all his off-road vehicles which are stored there. With their help and that of other friends, I was able to get all the information I needed for the inventory I need to create for my brother’s estate. It was also fun to spend some time with Jack and Rose’s daughter Jackie and her husband and kids. Allan watched Jackie grow up and he was someone who felt like part of her family.

Thanks to my cousin CB Bettisworth of Fairbanks, Alaska, I found an estate lawyer, who recommended a real estate agent. The real estate agent then recommended a woman who specialized in cleaning out houses. I can report that the house was able to be cleaned out within a couple of weeks of my leaving Alaska and the house has now been sold and the money deposited in the Estate account that I has been set up to administer the estate. Through the lawyer, I have been appointed by the court as Personal Representative for Allan’s estate, since he left no will and not beneficiaries, other than “the estate.” Under Alaska law, I and my half-brother, Mike who lives in the Denver area

While in Anchorage Rose and I organized a get together to remember my brother at a Pizza place near where Allan/Tulsa lived. There were about 50 people who came, and it was just the kind of gathering Allan loved. There were people there from all parts of his Alaska life, many of whom he had known for over 30 years, although he had not seen many of them for quite a while. We planned it for a time when my cousin, CB Bettisworth, son of my uncle Robert, was in town from Fairbanks where he lives. I had never met him, so it was great to get to meet and visit with him. A picture of CB and me at that gathering is enclosed here. It was great to meet many of Allan’s friends some of whom he had talked about for years. There was no formal memorial service, although there will be a brief one at his burial site in Kansas in April when we burry his ashes. Also enclosed is a picture of the display of some of the pictures we displayed and the flowers which Rose got for the occasion.

Jack and Rose told me that Tulsa had been failing for the last several years, and had not been to Big Lake in over two years. Going to Big Lake summer and winter, going to Ls Vegas and hanging out with his Alaska friends were the things Tulsa/Allan loved to do since his retirement from FedEx. When I learned he had not been to Big Lake in at least two years, I knew he was not in great health. He had had major heart surgery in 2004, from which he recovered, but then after neck surgery a few years late which did not go well, he had significant mobility issues and walked with a cane. In the last few years he needed two canes to get around. He was spending less time with his friends, and was not able to come to the Denver area Memorial Day weekend 2018 for a reunion at our dad’s grave.

I have enclosed a picture of Allan on his boat at Big Lake, which although several years old, it gives an idea of what he looked like for at least the last 10 years, and shows him doing one of the things he enjoyed doing most.

This was written by Allan’s friend Rose for the gathering we had to celebrate Tulsa’s life while I was in Anchorage in October. It is as closest thing to an Obituary there is for him.

Allan Line Lane, Jr.


Born: February 3, 1949 to Allan Line Lane and Barbara Bettisworth Lane in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Died: September 15, 2019 from natural causes at his home in Anchorage, Alaska. He was 70 years old.

He is survived by a sister, Betty Lane, from Dover, New Hampshire and a half-brother, Mike Lane, from Northglen, Colorado. He was predeceased by his parents and an older sister who died in childhood.
Although he was born in Arkansas, he was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After graduating from Will Rogers High School in 1967, he drove north to Fairbanks in his VW Bug to take a job with his Uncle in the grocery business. He made friends with the UA crowd and was quickly dubbed “Tulsa”. He continued those friendships throughout his life. His work career included jobs at Wien Airlines, Boy Scouts of America, and FedEx. He also tried his hand at various business endeavors: Al’s Cones and Cream, vending machines, label mailings, farming, and his favorite, the ever-promising possibility of the Big Win in Las Vegas. He pursued the Big Win until his death. Reservations and confirmations to the Rio and Fremont for September 12 - 27 of this year were found among his belongings after his death.
Due to the discovery of those arrangements and other dated (and timed) notes and missed appointments and the uncollected newspaper, it is the family’s belief that Tulsa died sometime during the morning hours of Tuesday, September 10th. His official date of death was established due to the result of a welfare check conducted by the Anchorage Police Department on Sunday the 15th.
Tulsa’s cremated remains will be buried in the Coffeeville, Kansas cemetery alongside his mother and sister, Peggy, in April 2020.
Many people, especially in Alaska will miss Tulsa and have fond memories of how much fun he was and how he enjoyed his life there in Alaska.
If you are interested in joining us to bury Allan’s ashes, or have any other questions about Allan’s death, please contact me.

Betty Lane, WRHS '66


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