This is a NON-PROFIT  site. All of the MIDIs and/or images on the various pages are NON-COMMERCIAL PERFORMANCES as far as I know.

All collections of MIDIs and images were gathered off various web sites.
The RESPECTIVE RIGHTS of The Original MIDI Compositions belong to the appropriate parties!

If there is any file or image that does not seem to fit the above description, please send a message to me at
I will remove the file within 24 hours if I receive a request from the ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTER.

The MIDIs on these pages are provided for your personal listening pleasure! You may not sell or use these MIDIs for profit without permission from the copyright holder!

The MIDIs on these pages are ARTIST'S RENDITIONS of the song, not the ACTUAL SONG itself. Many notes may be different and the songs are entirely up to the creator's interpretation. The original or recorded (CD, CASSETTE, LP) songs retain their ORIGINAL COPYRIGHT by their respective owners.

Material contained on this site and all my other MIDI sites have been obtained through PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS and are assumed to be either "PUBLIC DOMAIN" or it's FREE, NON-COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION
to be allowed by the COPYRIGHT holder!

If you feel that you hold COPYRIGHT to any material contained on this site, or any of my other MIDI sites and wish its removal, please send an email to the above address. Please be prepared to provide LEGAL PROOF OF OWNERSHIP.
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