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So far we are going to use Earl Purkey's CD's from past reunions, old school photos from elementary and Jr. high schools will be included. We would like for everyone to look through your old pictures of Elementary and Jr High Schools and High School pictures.

Then send us images of your Elementary, Jr High School pics with explanation of each picture.
Earl will then put together movie/slide presentation to show at reunion and to sell in order to raise money for our "class fund".

We are going to try and keep the cost down to a minimum, and some suggestions are:

1. Possible food options for reunion could be Food Trucks (more than one with a variety) Coney Island (catering)

2. We are also checking on several possible venues (Catholic Church - David Knight will check out) and costs related

3. Determine if class rings can be reproduced for those that are interested.

4. Have a photo booth on site.

We will be having another meeting in October. The date to be determined. We did decide Monday's at 11am would be good.

Now, we need additional folks that would work on planning committee.
You can send your names to support@wrhs67.com

or for further updates, request to join WRHS67 Group on Facebook.

Looking at October 6, 7, 8 2017.
This is the day Stan Clark is wanting. For myself, maybe just one or two day event. I wouldn't mind a pot luck get together for very little money but need to find others to help with the planning.

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